Established in 2000, AMPAK Technology is the most dedicated optical communication and wireless multimedia company.
AMPAK Technology has professional managers, experienced marketing and sales staffs, research and development experts as well as dedicated engineers and technicians. Embracing the core concept of customer satisfaction, we provide excellent products and services to our customers. Our company goals are to share the benefits and profits among customers, shareholders, and employees.

In order to offer total solution services to our customers, AMPAK Technology establishes three business units: Wireless Multi-media, Optical Communication, and Mechanical Component. Wireless Multi-media business unit is one of the leading business sectors in RF, logical circuit designing, packaging, and testing in Taiwan. The business unit provides wireless multimedia products such as SiP (Systems in Package) and Wireless HDMI. SiP products integrate either Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM, or GPS systems into small size modules. Therefore, the modules can meet the specification requirement of handheld products which are in a compact trend. As for Wireless HDMI product, it transmits image and voice signals from devices (ex. from DVD player) to digital television sets or monitors wirelessly. This advanced transmission technology will replace the traditional way of transmission via cables.

Optical Communication business unit devoted to provide the Tocan packaging and testing services for optoelectronics components. We have recruited the professional team members in this field with the best machines and devices in the world plus unique tooling that developed in house. we are capable of providing very high precise packaging and testing services in volumes. We don’t just package and testing TO products, we provide the total solution for optoelectronics industry.
Mechanical Component business unit provides mechanical components for our customers. The production base is located in KunShan, China to get closer to customers for better services as well as to provide cost-competitive products.

AMPAK Technology dedicatedly implements environmental protection management system. To enhance our employees’ environment protection awareness, we provide education and training with advocating energy-saving, and practicing wastes-reducing and recycling. In 2006,

AMPAK Technology implemented Hazardous Substance Management System to control hazardous substances by introducing RoHS, WEEE, REACH, Halogens Free, SONY SS00259. For our products, we promote green designing and manufacturing and work closely with our customers to achieve the environmental protection goal.

正基科技成立於民國89年。正基擁有產業經驗豐富的經營幹部,專業的行銷、研發專才,及敬業的製造工程師和技術成 員。我們以專業服務客戶為導向,提供一流的產品和一流的服務品質,並以超越客戶的期望為目標,以達成客戶、股東與員工共享共榮的企業理念。
為對客戶提供整體服務,公司成立三個事業部門:無線多媒體事業、光通訊事業及機構事業。無線多媒體事業為國內少數同時具備射頻(RF)、邏輯電路設計及電 子構裝能力的廠商。我們提供SiP(Systems in Package)及Wireless HDMI等無線多媒體產品,SiP產品為整合WiFi、Bluetooth、FM或GPS等功能於同一模組,以滿足電子產業短、薄、輕、小的需求。 Wireless HDMI係以無線方式傳輸播放機(如DVD)訊號至數位電視機,此項先進無線訊號傳輸方式取代以往以有線傳送訊號的方式。公司於99年設立光通訊事業,以 供應能快速且大量傳送資訊的GPON TO CAN光學元件。為對客戶提供最完善的服務,服務項目涵蓋從產品的開發設計、專屬光通訊生產線及測試的整體服務。機構事業則提供符合消費潮流的機構件設 計,生產基地位於大陸昆山以貼近服務客戶群及產製富成本競爭力的產品。
正基科技推動環境管理系統不遺餘力。我們重視員工的環保意識,實施教育訓練,宣導節約能源,落實廢棄物減量與回收等措施。正基科技於95年導入有害物質管 理系統(IECQ QC080000)並遵循歐盟RoHS、WEEE、REACH、HF及SONY SS00259管制法規制定AMPAK危害性物質管制標章(GP、HSF),禁用或管制有害物質。我們提倡綠色設計,從產品研發、製程設計、物料與設備選 用、到生產製造,均融入環保概念,遵循環境管理系統規範。我們將致力塑造優質綠色產品,永續關懷自然生態環境。


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